Wet weather has British Columbia officials warning residents to stay home

Weather forecasters are calling for this week to be the wettest in British Columbia’s history, as a severe storm system barrelth through the province.

“It’s like the grinder happens to sit over us,” said Bill Tieleman, vice president of operations for Western Canada for Travel Leaders Group. “We’re walking through pellets.”

More than two-thirds of British Columbia’s precipitation for the week could fall in the form of rain, leading to flooding, landslides and lightning strikes, the Environment Canada said. Rain accumulations this weekend could reach as much as 80 mm.

“The weather is showing its true colors,” Mr. Tieleman said. “They’re calling for a parade of storms over the next three days.”

The area most at risk for flooding is the “northern interior” of British Columbia, the country’s largest agricultural region.

“The effects of flooding will be felt up and down this corridor of the province,” said Mike Swarbrick, a forecaster for Environment Canada.

A precipitation event this week in February was deemed the wettest in British Columbia history, with a deluge of 82 mm. Mr. Tieleman warned of more to come this week, predicting 10-20 mm of rain in areas the size of the towns and villages that make up British Columbia’s interior.

“It’s going to be unprecedented,” he said. “It’s like nothing that we’ve ever seen in British Columbia.”

On Monday evening, the local weather service warned that a large-scale thunderstorm had swept through the area, flooding some areas and causing flash floods in several spots.

“If you need to get anywhere, don’t,” said Mr. Tieleman. “Flash flooding is going to happen.”

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