WATCH: ‘Get Past the Crazy on the Right’: Kamala Harris Calls On Democrats To Support Universal Healthcare

Democratic presidential candidate Kamala Harris called on her fellow Democrats to unify behind her push for healthcare for all, and said she believes she can strengthen support by inspiring millions of American citizens to sign up for insurance.

Speaking at the 2020 Democratic National Convention weekend in Chicago, Harris also told potential voters, “I hope that we see every single person in this country treated with the same fairness and dignity, with same access to health care and with the same outcome — because that’s the way it should be.”

The California senator said at the outset of her speech, “We will make health care a right for all.” And she called on her fellow Democratic candidates to “get past the crazy on the right,” in reference to the health care debate on Capitol Hill.

In her speech, Harris accused the Trump administration of playing a “dirty trick” on the nation’s health, citing an executive order President Trump signed last week that will allow small businesses to opt out of offering insurance that covers people with pre-existing conditions, like heart conditions, mental health and pregnancy. She said that Trump’s health care proposal is “a harm to millions of Americans, women, people of color, and middle class families.”

She called out the controversial repeal-and-replace plan on Capitol Hill for having “left millions of Americans without coverage.” And she argued that the insurance industry, “is a much richer industry than health care, and it’s time for it to be.”

Harris also promised her plan to pass “free” universal healthcare would be good for workers. She said she believes that “a healthcare workforce that looks like America” would make plans a success, and that she expects that “the bottom 50 percent of earners in this country will be provided with affordable healthcare.”

The Democratic presidential hopeful also delivered another call for unity among Democrats. “Let’s come together. Let’s raise our voices. Let’s make our voices heard. Let’s go tell others that they need to join us,” she said.

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