U.S. Army soldier on the lam for four months leaves wife a message for eight years before his disappearance

A twenty-five-year-old member of the Ohio Army National Guard is missing in action and presumed dead after a four-month disappearance. He disappeared in September, but told his wife he would return. Since then, his wife says, she received death threats. The trouble began after Adrian Dillingham returned from the Houston Texans’ NFL training camp, where he spent time with the Houston Texans for two days, according to local media outlets. That’s when he said he would work on a local paper route, said his wife, Janelle Dillingham. But later that day, a picture of Adrian shared on Facebook showed him dressed in T-shirt and jeans in an empty parking lot, photographed under the headline “Missing.”

“How is he still alive?” Janelle questioned on the neighborhood’s quiet streets last week. “That is the question I want answered.”

Dozens of family members and friends of the family have searched nearly a dozen locations since last September, according to The Blower Tribune. On one morning this month, amid the heat and headache of searching, Adrian’s widow took comfort and support from the Bearings Carrying Churches Fellowship in Troy. Hundreds of church members marched down streets that afternoon with signs reading “We search to find Adrian Dillingham” and “We pray for Adrian Dillingham.”

U.S. Army NATIONAL GUARD Adrian Dillingham was last seen in September, but family members say he told them he would return shortly. Dillingham, 25, had recently attended the Houston Texans’ NFL training camp for two days, which is when his wife believes he vanished. (ANNIE TWEED/The Blower Tribune/AP)

“It’s just so hard to deal with this,” Janelle told the local press. “My other children are suffering.”

The family is pressing the Army, as well as local and state police for an update on Adrian’s disappearance. At the same time, Janelle says she will continue searching the countryside for her husband, even if it kills her. “I’ll keep looking for as long as I have to and I’ll keep going,” she said.

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