Two American missionaries held hostage by armed men in Haiti released

(CNN) — Two missionaries who had been held hostage by armed men in Haiti were released Thursday, authorities in the Central Plateau of Haiti said.

The two Americans had been in Haiti for the first week of March, visiting children with missions in that country.

Local authorities issued an arrest warrant for the kidnappers.

As a result of the international efforts to find the group, authorities “were able to locate and arrest the real perpetrators” of the abduction, the Plateau’s Public Security Department said in a statement.

Authorities “reunited with the couple [Wednesday] night” in the capital of Port-au-Prince.

“These two American missionaries are in good health and are receiving medication at a local hospital,” the plateau said.

Capt. Germain Métrigue, a spokesperson for the Plateau Public Security Department, told CNN that a police team went to the remote area with the family members of the kidnapped missionaries Wednesday afternoon.

“They found them walking on the road,” Métrigue said. “The two employees of an aid organization they were working with, they asked them to meet them.”

Authorities said the two missionaries were blindfolded during the meeting. The source of the kidnappers was unclear.

Their names and other details have not been released.

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