This is what workers in Europe want from their bosses before they return from vacation

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“Are you using your heels?”

“Which food did you buy for work?”

“How did you like the pool?”

Now, here’s where things get interesting: According to new research, we’re not only excited to come back to the office after a six-week vacation, but we’re also strangely attached to our jobs—including that we haven’t gotten paid for at all during those allotted 20 days.

You can thank your boss, according to the European Workplace Information Hub, which spoke with a total of 700 German workers. A study by the organization found that for almost one in three employees, being away for six weeks or more was actually a good thing—in other words, during your vacation, you actually felt happier, happier, happier.

Perhaps this is because many Americans do find themselves a bit short-changed in terms of vacation time. According to research by Georgetown University’s Center on Work & Retirement, of the more than 22 million full-time workers in the U.S., more than 40 percent get no paid vacation time at all. And three-quarters of those workers make no vacation time contingent on achieving some kind of performance evaluation.

It’s not a new phenomenon. Some recent surveys found that almost half of American workers didn’t take paid vacation during the past six months, while 31 percent of employed men and 39 percent of employed women missed the equivalent of a full holiday week.

Now, as all this gets more and more heated, The Learning Curve wants to be on the receiving end. Here’s what we think about those employers who may be thinking about buying in to that whole “tanked” business plan:

“That’s actually pretty extreme.”

“I’d rather be out there.”

“Call me when the sun comes out, instead of letting my entire family suffer in the office.”

“Yeah, sorry. I’m at the beach—with my buddies.”

“My dream is that I could leave work for a week, and it could not be easier on my boss.”

“It’s not about sacrificing time—it’s about learning.”

“Why are they paying for vacations, then?”

“Vacations work, guys—they get you out of your sad little cube!”

“They can’t wait for me to get back from work so they can start hating my guts again.”

“Oh, I’ll call you when I’m back.”

“Why haven’t you been showing up yet?”

“Because you’re on vacation!”

“Ah. Never mind.”

“Hey, that’s great. I hope your boss is listening.”

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