Think you’ve got a good reason for voting for a CNN Hero?

Written by By Leslie Haddad, CNN

In 2008, during the global financial crisis, live cam footage that CNN of flooded Pakistani farmers saw hundreds of thousands of people wake up to a suffering human tragedy they could not imagine. In 2004, CNN’s Douglas Matheson set out to locate an astronaut on a remote Russian moon base. “Buckminster Fuller”: Reimagining Space.

And back in September 2000, biologist Gail Adams took NASA to court claiming she was about to receive a directive to let an endangered orca swim miles for the sake of science. She won.

On June 3, CNN featured the story of Eriya, a Syrian-German woman living in Berlin who, with her friends, has been rescuing cats and dogs for over 15 years.

Now, in what is being called the first online poll to crown a CNN Hero of the Year, almost two months before the official award ceremony, we hope you will share your thoughts on who you think deserves the 2016 edition of the CNN Hero of the Year honor.

Throughout the process, we’re asking your vote to weigh as much or as little weight as you like, and we are keen to hear your reasons.

The final award will be announced at the Heroes of Hope Gala in New York on July 19.

Vote for your favorite

By June 30, all ballots will be collected at CNN Vote, and the final results will be announced at the CNN Heroes Gala on July 19.

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