These places are seeing an increase in American tourists

The Washington Post has assembled a guide of which destinations around the world are seeing a rise in US tourists in the wake of President Trump’s exclusion of several countries from the Visa Waiver Program. While some of the best-known sites, like Times Square, China’s Forbidden City and Israel’s Yad Vashem Holocaust Memorial, are staying closed to Americans, others that are in the VWP, such as Thailand and Berlin, are seeing more visitors.

In Beijing, what is the hottest destination for US visitors? ― Anna Paquin, Elisabeth Moss and her husband, “Mossad” actor Douglas Booth, were among the 400 Americans who flocked to the heart of Beijing’s nightlife in July, according to the New York Times. In other parts of Beijing, prices for meals have doubled, and the city government added an extra office to handle the rush of tourists.

Some tourists are missing out on such cultural offerings, meanwhile, as they fly through Beijing to the city of Xi’an, which has a monastery to which they are barred. Trump’s expanded travel ban does not allow for long-term visitors to US territory or US citizens from visa-exempt countries to travel to the US.

Besides Washington and Xi’an, other popular US cities that are seeing an increase in domestic tourists include Atlanta, Denver, Dallas, Houston, Los Angeles, Las Vegas, and San Francisco. In addition, Amsterdam and Barcelona also have seen a rise in Americans seeking a holiday there.

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