Teens riot, run wild after coaches and guns seized

Schools in two western Caribbean islands have been closed after students rioted on Wednesday following the arrests of two high school football coaches and the seizure of a number of weapons, including two AK-47s.

Police said on Thursday that more than 1,000 students from two Guadeloupe schools took to the streets and clashes with police broke out in several departments, including Limacol. Officials had said on Wednesday that they could not provide any new information on the case.

“The crisis is over in Limacol, though violent reactions continue in several departments,” Guadeloupe police said in a statement on Twitter.

In Limacol, high school students clashed with authorities in the Maty Airport area late Wednesday night. They vandalized cars, hurled rocks at security forces and set fire to garbage bins and trash, authorities said in a statement on Thursday.

The violence in Limacol came just a day after more than 500 students pelted police with rocks outside a different school in St. Barts, a resort area. Another school in St. Martin was also shut as police tried to restore order there.

School officials across Guadeloupe instructed their authorities to temporarily close schools across the island on Wednesday and Thursday. A spokesperson for the education ministry said on Thursday that despite the fighting that broke out in Limacol and St. Barts on Wednesday, the suspension was still in effect.

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