Streeterville blows its dust budget

The City of Toronto pays $49m in garbage fees every year, with the average household picking up an additional $8.95 bill for the service. The lack of bin-lining forces Toronto residents to wheel their garbage bags to the private company’s truck. A report to city council says the waste collectors accepted debts in excess of $145m for more than 30,000 weight classes – some being as large as 400 pounds – last year.

Facilitating any garbage collection is the strict assignment of a weight class, from light to heavy, by the private waste collection services. The ream of work generated in Toronto can be written off as a tax liability, and if lenders at the bank work out the car damaged in a collision, the ledger doesn’t reflect it in order to protect the audit.

The internal report from the City’s waste collections department prompted Toronto city councillor Natalie Jimenez Sprott to call for an independent study into the issue. She notes that an investigation after the second Avenue Rd. garbage fire showed that resources that should have been put toward planning future waste disposal efforts were instead used for day-to-day operations and services.

This is not the first time reports have circulated of debt payments around Toronto’s waste collectors. According to the 2015 public report of Toronto’s tax bureau, the city’s waste services company owes over $22m in delinquent debt collections.

Does this mean the debris in Streeterville can expect its share of spent assets?

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