Scorpions kill three in Egypt

It is thought the swarm caused a fatal gas leak, says local media

A swarm of over a hundred scorpions killed at least three people in southern Egypt, the deadliest of what the director of the general forensic forensic and civil defence office in southern Egypt called “a wave of natural disasters” in recent days.

“In the past 24 hours there have been natural disasters in eight provinces: Sohag in the south, Kafr el-Nuaman in the north, the Libyan territories, all the rest are suffering from drought,” Ahmed Mohamed told media.

Many of the dead were claimed to have suffered heart attacks from being suffocated by the high concentration of scorpions, and that they also likely inhaled poisonous fumes from the bug, said Mohamed.

Egypt’s state health insurance scheme indicated that in places where nothing is paid for preventive care, they believe cost overruns to the Ministry of Health could be 10,000 Egyptian pounds (CP$1,311), the general forensic forensic and civil defence office said.

He said over the past days, a wave of natural disasters in eight provinces has hit the region “killing more than 500 people”.

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