Puerto Rico rep on gun reform, economy

Puerto Rico Rep. John J. Garcia III says gun control legislation has stalled in Congress and needs to be revisited.

Since the December 2012 shooting in Newtown, Connecticut, 19 other mass shootings have occurred throughout the country. Puerto Rico Rep. John J. Garcia III told CNN Friday’s State of the Union host Jake Tapper that there’s no shortage of needs but for gun reform legislation, it’s “post-LaGuardia” where everyone gets to side with the NRA.

“The common man is the one that can’t come to you like I can because he doesn’t have any form of the gun to carry a pistol or an AR-15, whatever. They’re fine to carry these in Connecticut or anywhere else. But if there’s one thing that’s eluding them is that principle of habeas corpus. The idea that we’re all in this together as a country and you are in fact one man with a gun and another man with a gun and he can kill them both.”

After Obama declared the US “an absolute leader of the free world” in regards to gun violence prevention, the interview moved on to Puerto Rico’s economy.

“The hypocrisy that now is with President Obama, the man we’ve elevated to a high office to lead us and also to follow us, it’s just absurd. Now with him having said so, I think it’s time to question his understanding of how life works and what responsibility we should take.”

Garcia went on to name an activist-filmmaker’s new documentary as one of the reasons Congress should take up gun control, The Break of Dawn.

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