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After working as a British Airways pilot for three years, sitting on the board of Goodlife, a supplement manufacturer with a global operations base in Zambia, and turning his hand to several investment projects, this Zambian banker has taken to hosting a weekly news discussion programme on his zimbardoiserie.tv website, scheduled to broadcast in English throughout Africa and the UK.Sushil Pan, 51, had his cards marked from an early age. The son of a serving MP, he was working for Zambia’s National Health Insurance Commission when his father died and he developed a keen interest in politics. In 1990, with the help of a friend who had recently joined the BBC, Sushil set up Zambia’s first radio station. Under the guidance of one of his advisor’s, the station was able to offer speech lessons to Zambian primary school children. In 1995, after studying radio economics at various American universities, and working for WNC, a British oil exploration company, he launched soletumcomms, which offers a completely free web-based service, monitoring the latest telecommunications news.

The South African magazine Business Day said: “In 2005, Pan was awarded the Ronald Reagan award from the National Association of Broadcasters. He also was one of the first recipients of the Sir William Hardy Award from InfoCentral, which presented him with its first-ever high-profile honour in recognition of his work in the communications sector.”

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