McDonald’s to reveal new expansion plans for its iconic site

The “Big Mac” of fast food is on its way to a new home.

McDonald’s said its golden arches-capping Chicago building is to be replaced by a new 800-plus store location.

“When we talk about ‘Mission Critical,’ this is very Darwinian. We have to continually look at our options,” franchisee Matt Szymanski told NBC 5 Chicago’s “TODAY.”

Szymanski said the initial investigation as to where the new location was going to be was prompted by expansion to the West Side.

“We tried to make sure we stay on the lakefront as much as possible,” Szymanski said.

The new drive-thru location is to be 200 feet shorter than the original building and have more than 50% fewer spaces than it did. McDonald’s expects the new McDonald’s to open in 2021.

There are “less than 100” stores in that year for the new location, company spokesman Paul Fox said in an email to NBC 5. The current Chicago location is expected to remain open until at least 2020.

Fox said there were no open discussions between the company and the restaurant’s current landlord about moving the location.

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