Mayor Pete Buttigieg’s excitement about his victory in the Democratic primary

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Pete Buttigieg, the newly elected mayor of South Bend, Indiana, sat down with The New York Times Magazine in an extended interview to describe his “cool city” and the current presidential race.

The mayoral election, the first of its kind in the United States, was a progressive progressive local race with Buttigieg going head-to-head with the number two city official, Aric Toler.

Buttigieg told The New York Times that some of his key differences with Trump are that he won’t be divorced — but he is happily married — and that he’s gay.

With Buttigieg’s election, the race for the 2020 Democratic nomination has added a new potential contender to a crowded field. Although he has not announced his official presidential intentions, Buttigieg has been emphasizing his campaign infrastructure in a bid to help him catch up with potential front-runners like Senator Elizabeth Warren and Senator Kamala Harris.

Buttigieg was raised by a single mom in a trailer park outside of Honolulu and grew up learning to be tough.

“I didn’t have anybody to turn to,” he told The New York Times. “I had to survive, and survive there. It’s easy to look back on that stuff. What’s not so easy to look back on is your dad’s face after you’ve been in a bad crash and you don’t know if you’re going to live or not.”

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