Margaret Grinols talks fresh juice, Instagram and eating clean

Written by Rosina Fererra; Produced by Rosina Molina

Rosina Fererra is the founder of 26.7 Wellness, a wellness community which supports and inspires women and their families to live a plant-based lifestyle.

“I was sitting in the kitchen one day eating a piece of white bread while the kids were playing with the dogs. I became aware of all the different ways foods are bad for us. I found myself arguing with myself and my husband about all the junk I was eating.”

Rosina Fererra’s

Rosina Fererra, founder of 26.7 Wellness

That’s when she decided to start a raw food cafe — converting a dumpster to house one of her family’s four kitchens.

The concept of “eating clean” — opting to eat a largely plant-based diet — has expanded significantly in recent years, with the growing popularity of snack bars, juices and entire brands like Lagunitas, Goodness Approved and Roaming Dragon all pushing the message forward.

But it wasn’t until 2014 that Fererra’s raw food cafe opened in a quiet shopping district just east of Toronto — the very suburb where she grew up. Her family’s home still retains some of its original charm, sitting at the very bottom of the street with its own picture window – even though the Fererra house is a decade older than the others.

“I wanted to be really involved in who I was serving.”

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