Marcel Froissart investigation into collision at Formula 2 race

Marcel Froissart was taken to hospital after his crash

An investigation has been launched into an incident involving American driver Marcel Froissart during a Formula 2 race in Germany.

Froissart has denied attacking a rival driver, although the official inquiry is only to rule out motor racing incidents.

The incident happened on Sunday at the round of the German Formula 2 championship in Bielefeld.

Froissart got out of his car following a crash with Miguel Pinto and attacked the Renault driver, German media reports said.

The International Karting Federation said in a statement: “The panel will go over every possible trace in order to determine the exact state of the track prior to the incident.

“After an hour or two of detailed analysis, the panel will look back at past cases in order to draw a line from which the case may be concluded, or extended.”

The FIA added that Froissart would not be prevented from attending the official FIA World Karting Festival in Bisley, UK, later this month.

Froissart said: “As soon as the FIA informed me of what happened, I told them I’d never go there, because this has nothing to do with motor racing.

“However, it is nice they’ve made the effort to investigate, as this has been going on since Wednesday and has been blown way out of proportion.

“I have always known of Miguel Pinto. But I’ve never met him. I’ve never tried to do anything or cause trouble to him.”

Froissart was taken to hospital in Germany after the incident but did not miss the second race at the weekend.

Pinto was uninjured, despite being hit by a tyre barrier as he walked back to his car after the incident.

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