Ingraham: Don’t Forget Media Tries to Push Free Speech Agenda

IN IT TO WIN IT: A Look at the Heart of the Resistance

Special Guest host Laura Ingraham

& Walter Shapiro

Host of “The Interruption” with Sunny Hostin & Cari Champion

5pm ET Tuesday, May 15

From the debates on the left wing fringe, to the bigger culture wars, and the vicious defamation campaigns against free speech and expression, there is no topic too deep or too controversial for America’s leftist warrior-prophet, Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez. Former FCC Commissioner and co-author of “Free Speech for the Unoffended: A Revolution to Restore the Right to Dissent,” Martin Olav Sabo joins Ingraham to discuss the challenges and opportunities facing free speech under President Trump and the influence of #MeToo on the opposition.

Then, the man behind the new “Justice League of America” is making headlines this week after it was revealed he supports the termination of all ICE detention centers. As Laura explains, Donald Trump’s head of the Justice Department, William Barr, opposes the policy, as does some Senate Republicans. But Justice League comes in many different forms. Michael Murray joins the “Ingraham Angle” to discuss his new movie “#EleanorInNovember,” and explain why, as an atheist, he’s outraged by President Trump’s cruel immigration policies.

And, it’s time for catch-up time with the weekly “In the Venue” segment. Michael Williamson joins Laura to preview his bestselling new book “The Whistleblower: Dispatches from the Radical Left.”

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