High school student raises giant flag at school to honor veterans

He’s a student in Iowa, but when he was asked to look at the flag on Veterans Day he had to make a decision. He stood up and raised it in a big salute.

“This is just something that can’t be ignored,” Reid, a sophomore at Ankeny Senior High School, told The Washington Post last week.

The Iowa school has five schools, one in each grade. It’s known for its basketball team and has about 3,500 students, the Post reported.

The teen worked with his coach and teacher who first spotted the flag and decided they should honor it.

“I said this would be awesome to have a bigger flag than the size that we have had,” eighth-grade basketball coach Mike Benson told KCCI-TV.

They began fundraising and arranged for a delivery truck from a local funeral home. They sold flags, raised $560, and bought six flags.

The flag was so big, it required a flagpole and it took about 20 minutes for the fifth-grader to raise it, KCCI reported. But the players raised their arms when they saw it fly.

“There were quite a few of them that came up and gave us a cheer,” Benson told the station.

Reid isn’t the only school in the country to honor the flag in recent years. In Fall 2010, a school boy came up with the idea for a program at a suburban Indianapolis school. He taught other students how to raise the giant flag that towers above the school.

And in 2011, a fifth-grader raised a flag that was taller than an 8-foot-7-inch basketball to honor veterans.

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