Here’s how race should be used in our conversation

On tonight’s “Red Eye,” Greg Gutfeld lamented the insistence on race as an on-the-cuff, shorthand description of the issues we should all be discussing. It’s easy to jump to conclusions about someone’s life based on their skin color, he said, but anyone who has thought about such a comparison can say what could really be the differences between someone like Trayvon Martin, whose bloodied body was left laying in the rain by George Zimmerman, and a black woman who was beaten by a police officer who was shown on video beating her in the face.

The real challenge isn’t whether you can understand someone’s race, as Gutfeld acknowledged. “But how much did that person mean to you?” he said. “How does the black kid you liked as a teen affect your opinion of a white Republican governor of Pennsylvania?”

Gutfeld explained the importance of thinking things through in order to see the value in what someone says. He used the case of the 101-year-old woman who lost her life when a bus abandoned her on the side of the road to show how much planning is required when you actually look past the color of a person’s skin to see how their contribution to the community can be a real and important part of a conversation.

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