Open introduces two-second rule

Along with his $3.5 million check from his playoff victory in the Open, 10 seconds of the Masters are shown on air during Tuesday’s broadcast of CBS golf. Open has introduced the two-second rule. If you play through the first hole at 7:30 a.m. on a Monday and miss the cut, the score is not counted for the week. With 35 potential eagles, the long time between potential eagles allows players to focus on their approach shots to remain competitive with the odds. head pro Phil Warren said that he finds the two-second rule helpful.

“It’s so hard to miss the cut,” he said. “It’s probably the hardest in the world.”

This time, though, Augusta National is involved.

Shortly after announcing that his wife, author Stephanie Arnold, was having a baby girl in late July, six weeks past his Masters tee time, Jack Nicklaus said this in an interview with CBS Sports.

“We did have a little setback but everybody’s all right, and I think I’m going to do better than I did last year.”

The Nicklaus-Arnold kid came out to last year’s Masters to show its full presence and Jack followed with a big tournament win the following week in the Colonial. He’s only one of several Masters champions who have taken time to break down their victories with the network.

This week’s Open will take place the week after a holiday weekend, and Sports Illustrated in the last year broke a story that Triple Crown winner American Pharoah has a knack for avoiding traffic in his native New York.

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