Fires ignite as part of ongoing Flint water crisis

A fire has broken out in Flint, Michigan, Reuters reports, in the latest of a series of explosions that have hit the troubled city.

Mike Cox, a retired firefighter, told MSNBC that he had just left his house, when he saw smoke rising from the city. “And then I see helicopters. And I’m like, ‘Wow, the fire department’s flying low,’” he said.

Cox added that, within two minutes, three fire trucks had arrived on the scene and firefighters were fighting the blaze. “No fatalities,” he told MSNBC. “That’s great.”

Rescue crews are still attempting to extinguish a fire in Flint, Michigan (Valerie de la Paz/KRT/HT) — NBC News (@NBCNews) May 10, 2016

Flint, which is also known as the home of the American automotive industry, became a disaster zone following a series of financial scandals and years of residents drinking contaminated water. A water crisis began in 2014, when residents began reporting that their water had a strange odor, and high levels of lead.

Last October, presidential candidate Bernie Sanders called for $900 million in emergency aid for Flint, according to local reports. The city, whose government had failed to properly maintain its infrastructure in the past, was exposed to a water crisis that was largely caused by the ineptitude of its governor, Rick Snyder.

According to The Detroit News, the origin of the fire was not yet known, but two small explosions were heard near the city’s water treatment plant and the city’s water pipe system, though the fire department had not yet determined its cause.

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@jodylord9 captures video of firefighters battling a blaze in Flint, Michigan — Her Story (@HerStory) May 10, 2016

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