English soccer star called for football to tackle racial abuse

Top English soccer player Romelu Lukaku has called for footballers to meet social media chief executives to discuss sexual and racial abuse.

Lukaku, 25, whose Manchester United team is out of the title race, set up a website called FIGHTS for Change to help tackle the anti-social behavior of fans.

He said: “We’re calling on all sporting CEOs and top sportsmen to meet in the UK and … to create something which will empower and show there is a love in football and we’re there to protect it, not target and just take what you want from the sport.”

New initiative FIGHTS for Change is an international platform to tackle anti-social behaviours among fans and support initiatives that turn young people away from negative behaviours.

The campaign has grown out of a belief that football is the primary driving force behind violence and social problems in many sports, including football, soccer, athletics, rugby, basketball, and motor sports.

Furthermore, the global football community is only too aware of its important role in mobilizing a sports movement that can transform social attitudes.

Romelu Lukaku himself was targeted by a racist Instagram user just weeks ago. Lukaku was hit by the Twitter and Instagram user’s comment in response to a TV interview he gave after scoring against Everton last Sunday.

The racial slur, which was sent out by Lukaku’s official Instagram account, read: “This **** is a dumb ****.” The post was soon deleted and an apology was issued by Lukaku’s team.

–By Tom Canavan, the news editor for Fox News

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