Ellie on Oprah: ‘You’ve Got to Cheat with a Woman’

Ellie on Oprah : ‘You’ve Got to Cheat with a Woman’ The supermodel gives Oprah tips on how to cheat with a woman

I think of myself as being masculine. It just comes across. It’s not necessarily that. I guess it’s like your body matures. Your body changes throughout the years, right? You grow up. That’s just how it is.

I’m a big fan of sex toy shops. I love that I can come in there, and I have a couple of favorites, one of them is Trojan.

I like to make love. This was something I just always wanted to do since I was a little girl. So I’m not sure what it’s all about but I like to make love.

I’m just trying to make the most out of every relationship I have, you know? If I’m single, I like to play dress-up with a girl. I like to make some adult bubbles. I love a cupcake. I’m not picky. I like anything I can fit into my bag.

When it comes to sex, I don’t really think about the barriers between my husband and me. I’m just doing the best I can to be a wonderful wife and a mother, and I really think it’s about having a best friend in a room that you’re able to do whatever you want to do, whether it’s a head-butt or try a new ice cream flavor or sit back and enjoy your avocado toast.

We’re willing to do what we need to do to have those things, but at the end of the day it’s about connection, and sex is a big part of that. If it’s not working, we can talk about it. If it’s like you guys have a great connection, then just try to push through a bit and make it work.

It comes down to intention. If you’re not making a real effort, that’s where things go wrong. And that’s not really just for women, that’s for everybody.

I feel like I’m a very good listener, so I can listen to anyone. I’m a really good cook, so I think my husband appreciates that because I’m a good cook and a good listener. I look after him. I take care of the house. I cook, I make pasta. I’m always reading a book, because I feel like his head is full of books.

I have a pot of pasta simmering and I’m reading a book. My husband gets frustrated when I keep reading because he thinks it’s taking time away from him. He’s like, “I need to be here when you cook your meals.”

And so I go to bed and I’m reading a book, so I kind of just can go beyond that and do what I need to do in order to take care of him. I have this big book to be able to fall asleep and read. And then in the morning, it’s just one more thing that I can do to be helpful.

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