Denver Police union president suspended for email, going after chief over report

(CNN) — For those who have been locked out of work for several weeks, the Denver Police union president’s email was disappointing to say the least.

But there’s more to this story. Last weekend, union president Nick Rogers sent out an email to union members, asking that they “put a ban on cops putting out press releases talking about how they don’t like the job because of all the lawsuits and brutality they see in Denver.”

He followed that up with another email reminding union members about the recent 21st Century Policing report by then-Chief Robert White, which focused on improving the relationship between Denver police and their communities.

But police union members thought Rogers went too far in his email, and went to the media with the details. A press release that came from the police union didn’t include language questioning White’s report.

City officials said it was unacceptable, so this weekend, Police Chief Robert White suspended Rogers for a week without pay. They went on to say that Rogers violated the department’s code of conduct, by “engaging in conduct that undermines public confidence in the Bureau’s leadership.”

In the 26-page press release, Rogers goes on to say that police officers are in “myriad lawsuits and have certain victims’ rights that are breached when they don’t uphold their sworn duty to help in investigating potential crimes within the community and prepare for incidents in which the public needs emergency assistance.”

But by Monday, the department was celebrating the peacefulness of the annual Denver Memorial Day Parade and mooting the possibility of reopening negotiations with Rogers.

So far, union members have not reached out to the media with further comment.

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