Cut the cost of ski tickets with credit cards

We’ve all seen websites touting discounted lift tickets, giving good odds of scoring some off during a season. But as this tutorial shows, there are others out there that will only use a credit card to buy lift tickets online. Some come directly from the mountain resort, while others might be deals specifically reserved for MasterCard or Visa. Rather than buying your lift tickets by plastic, why not? And many say, buying lift tickets online makes more sense than ever: you can save money on all the stuff you might spend a ski trip on anyway!


Getting your ski tickets

Buying lift tickets online has become so widely accepted, it’s usually no longer a big deal to get your lift tickets before you go. Even the sight of ski patrol waving tickets around at you can make you see clearly what it takes to pay for lift tickets. They hand them out to people who pay for lift tickets on their own and then go skiing, with the possibility of using that credit card to pay for the lift tickets later.


Beli ski passes can save you up to a lot of money.

Hate your wallet? Whether you have a lot of cash or don’t, you can still use a credit card for lift tickets. But the price you have to pay might be a bit higher, making these once in a lifetime purchases an even more attractive proposition.

1. Currencies

While your credit card might be used to buy your lift tickets, you’ll probably only have to exchange it once. So you can save a huge amount by doing so with Currencies Direct. You can use up to 10 different currencies, including pounds, Euros, Swiss Francs, Pesos, pesetas and more.


Be clever when it comes to using your credit card to buy lift tickets.

One way of doing this is for you to choose a card that offers more frequent exchange rates and bonuses on balance transfers. This has often been the secret to getting the best deal in the financial world!


This service offers cashback.

If you think a particular skier is worth tracking, then remember that most online ski operators have dedicated team of negotiators who can negotiate even the most exclusive deals for you. They’re used to doing it for you all the time.


Hoping to save money by buying lift tickets over the phone?

If you’re going on a busy weekend and you know you’re going to need something when the lifts open, or you’re looking for a super discount that’s just too good to miss, then it’s worth having a look around your phone for deals.

The user reviews for ski dealers are usually fantastic and will usually have a price that’s very close to the good value it’s actually worth. You can also buy products online from specialist agencies like SkiBacks and Hobbyist’s, or manufacturers will often direct you to these with special discounts.


The day of your lift tickets will be easier than ever, thanks to this service.

Where things get a little trickier though is when you want to make a purchase. Perhaps you are looking to use your credit card to pay for an accommodation stay, and the ski operators don’t offer the best rates in that town. Sometimes banks won’t let you make these transactions when a credit card is being used. A great resource for travellers to see when credit card payments are available is the Interbank Payment System (IPS), which shows up in your phone as “credit card made available”.

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