Chelsea star Magdalena Eriksson and friend Jess Carter: ‘Football is life’

Written by By Chelsea Mckenna, CNN

Chelsea football stars Jess Carter and Magdalena Eriksson have spoken about their day-to-day lives at the heart of the English Premier League. In “First One Out,” the pair tell their stories and share their tales of love, success and loss while showing how a footballer’s life can evolve at pace.

The special edition of CNN Underscored, which aired on CNN’s UK channel on October 28, explored the untold stories of the Chelsea footballer and spoke to his two closest female friends, Jess Carter and Magdalena Eriksson

CNN Underscored has partnered with CNN’s UK studio at the Olympic Park to help viewers remember all those who have served the U.K. with honor and sacrifice. This video report highlights the impact that the world of football can have on a town.

Carter and Eriksson also talked about their experiences during and after the England’s Women’s squad’s recent World Cup in France, and the consequences of making headlines for the wrong reasons.

On social media: Jess Carter says Chelsea’s young players have to be careful what they put on social media. “I think the biggest problem is these [social media] platforms are very dangerous,” she says. “The younger players, they don’t really understand the idea of being who they are or what they’re saying in public.”

On Chelsea: Eriksson says: “I had my kids grow up with Chelsea footballers and all of a sudden they’re going into the world.” She credits Chelsea’s extensive community and welfare work as a key component to its reputation and success. “I think Chelsea staff show not only the football side, but also those great attributes that the football club has in terms of its involvement in the local community,” she says.

On Twitter: Jess Carter says: “For social media, it can’t be ignored,” she says. “In the end, it’s a way for people to protect themselves and to protect the information.”

Watch the full video above.

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