Canadian woman fights to end forced child marriages

A Canadian woman is risking it all to help thousands of Nigerian girls forced into marriages against their will.

Demi Wilson is standing by the divorce petition of a four-year-old girl from Zamfara, Niger State, named Enya who is now living in Canada with her mother, reports The Independent.

The girl’s father threatened to attack Wilson and “kill her and her family” if she didn’t go ahead with the annulment petition.

The court ordered a divorce in Enya’s honor, for which Wilson was placed under police protection, reported NBC News.

Wilson has kept fighting to prevent the innocent Enya from getting married against her will.

She began with the Zamfara girl, last year.

“Children in Nigeria that are forced into marriage against their will, like Enya, are often left with few choices in a society where there are no legal redress mechanisms for them,” Wilson said.

“This has not been the case for Enya, who is safe and well, being looked after by a loving Canadian family. I want her to have the protection that only comes with real legal redress,” she added.

Wilson will continue to back the girl, no matter the threats.

“I remain committed to doing the right thing even at the cost of my life, but I need people’s help to carry on.”

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