A look at what it will take to fill every job

D: ABF Group

The ABF Group (UK) bought from Majestic Wine’s founder, Neil Wilkinson, a number of similar wine distributors. This business has now been turned into ABF Imports (UK), and is an ideal vehicle for the group to expand by exploiting weaknesses in the high street retail market that allow them to gain a high density of their other businesses.

D: e: Digital Data

The internet has provided governments the opportunity to collect vast quantities of information and do everything they can to do find the ‘holy grail’ of data. The activities of tens of thousands of government officials and contractors are high on the industry wish list, but the public still remain unconvinced that they really understand what they want. It seems that only when one has enough personal information can you have an understanding of it all. Take for example, mopeds. This is a market that is growing to great success with machines like the ETG (Tilt That Grows).

D: Metis Research

The digital era is taking the world by storm and a new computer skills boom is set to take place in 2019 with 100,000 new roles being created over the next two years. In 2016, fewer than 30 million people had registered with the AI (artificial intelligence) resource assessment engine Metis Research. This figures look set to skyrocket to over 90 million in 2019.

Ultimately, Metis Research is the ‘mission control’ for many of the jobs about to be created in 2019 and beyond. However, the ‘Markets and Regulatory Body’ of blockchain provides an even bigger boost to employment in the same year.

D: Ivanka

While the UK government has been leading the charge to show real leadership and concrete effect on the climate crisis, it has been a bit of a missed opportunity. It has been a year now that private investors in the UK government’s Carbon Investment Fund have been pressing the government on how it plans to deal with the future issues of climate change and its inevitably very cost.

Ivanka Trump, Donald Trump’s eldest daughter is a widely known member of the United States Presidential Commission on Climate Change. The job of the Department of Energy is to predict greenhouse gas emissions in the coming decades, but the President’s commission is not the place to find the solutions.

In a recent letter, the Commission’s Vice Chair Bob Watson addressed the Commission’s managers. He asked for more clarity on the composition of the Commission’s team. Also, he asked that The President continue to share his attention with his Secretary of Energy while demonstrating political leadership by developing and publicising policies to reduce greenhouse gas emissions.

Ms Trump’s role as a President’s commission member was made necessary after an unprecedented Republican effort to block carbon pricing, a carbon tax and domestic emissions trading, at the national and international level. Sadly, they have failed to do so, which leads me to think that while the mandate of Ms Trump was set up with a different purpose, she is having a positive effect by drawing attention to the issue.

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