A building in Shanghai has transformed itself into a giant ape-like mutant

A building in Shanghai has pioneered the raising of its roof like an unruly primate does to move away from its rocky birth site.

The second story of Mdm Spring Tower rising from the city’s Xuanxing real estate district began to climb up a piece of steel to the building’s base on Monday, Daily Mail Online reported. The rise of the second story is just an hour-long ride of a 700-meter straight line up the building’s side, and 12 hours’ worth of walking.

Once completed, Mdm Spring Tower will occupy the top floor of a 12-storey office building, according to China.com. The grey tower is already five stories high and some 300 meters long. The skyscraper will reach a height of 172 meters, according to some reports.

The small building has been designed by Don Peng, the lead designer of Washington’s Trump International Hotel and Tower and the World Trade Center. The skyscraper is being completed through a “condo meeting solution,” where a group of apartments will be purchased and the developers will present the space as a finished building, no further changes needed, the Wall Street Journal reported.

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